permit to bring a cat into saudi arabia?

I've moved to Riyadh and am bringing my cat along after. I see some websites that say my cat needs an import permit from the Ministry of Wildlife and Development in Saudi. Does anybody have experience bringing in a cat in the past year (2011), and can they tell me if I do need that permit, and any other tips, insight.

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I invite you to browse these two threads > Pet owners: A mini guide for relocating ,with, your pet(s) and Formalities to bring your pet in Saudi Arabia.

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Oh, yeah, I saw those earlier, thank you. They were helpful, but was saw other mentions of Saudi requiring a permit from National Authority for Wildlife, for pets, and wondered if anyone had recent experience re that.

Ellen, if you are still on this site, please tell me if your question was ever answered. I have recently been offered a job in Saudi and need to bring my little dog.

@ LauraWard > In case that you do not receive any feedback, please feel free to create a new thread on the Riyadh forum so that active members can help you.


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Bringing animals in is not an issue with all their shots etc. You might want to think about the issues regarding looking after them when they are here and if your accommodation will let you keep them.

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