Stray Cats in Riyadh

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I'm looking for a little advice please.  I have taken in a stray cat / kitten (about 5-6 months) from outside.  He's seems in good health and is well behaved.  I guess the normal path would be to have him examined, neutered and vaccinated.  I heard before that there were some charities that help with this.

Has anyone got any contact numbers / email ?  I live near Olaya in Riyadh.  I did speak to a couple of vet clinics (APC and Riyadh Pet Clinic) who can do all but it's very expensive (1000+ SAR).

Would be grateful of any help.

Thanks :)


hi , my cousin have a clinic for dogs and cats..

but is too far from Olaya , in south of Riyadh...

i'm working near Olaya , i can take the cat with me and go to my cousin's clinic , then bring it back to you...

You can contact and ask for a referral.

BTW, very kind offer, ibrahim1407.

and also you might check and ask for some advice
its at exit 6

I sent you a PM Ibrahim. 

I did call ADP, was 800 before even the first months boosters.  I send a message before to open paws and got no reply.  I haven't done too well sorting this out.  I'm trying :)


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Hi, try Animal Planet in King Abdulaziz Road.

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