Employment Pass Rejected

hi,me too going to appeal.Nw ur one how many days?Did u apply trough recruitment agency or direct by employer.Yesterday my one rejected.iam so worried.Iam in visit pass.I have only 1 month to stay here.thanks

i applied with direct employee.i applied last 4 th April.I don't know result until yet.

It took me just 1 week after my appeal for rejection. My employer applied for me.

ok. thanks all

MOM told me my employee took processing time 1 week.But now haven't know result .Do my employee need to call MOM ...

Better to wait for at least 3 week

are you all also in visit pass like me..

M in student pass

i already approve long term visit pass.

you both are lucky than me...ok thanks

Can't say we are lucky as we all are sailing on same boat. Rather my appeal got rejected too.

yes don't say like that ....we will be lucky for our ep ..don't depress fri....:):):):)...

Hi all,

My first name has happened to have space (IE …ABCD  EFG) in Diploma certificate & marks cards. But in my passport has correct name (ie…ABCDEFG). Will it be problem for EP? Please help
BTW – I had applied UK & US business VISAs and got it approved without any issue. 
Thanks in advance..


i think it want be problem

is anyone here with social visit pass

Thanks very much chathu for the information  :)

To be on the safe side, you should ask your company in the EP application to point out the difference and explain that it is due to a mistyping.
To prevent this from being a problem again in the future, you should ask your school to issue new certificates with correct spelling.

Sure, I will inform about this to my HR.
Thanks very much Beppi for the information…Hope all go well.


My employment was confirm by a new company..
The company has been established here in Singapore for 40 years in the industry of Architecture and Design...
I came from Construction industry but the JD for this new company/post is relevant to my past experience.
I have 6 years total experience and 5 years working here in Singapore..

I was applied for EP with a position of Manager with a salary below P2 but above Q1...
Unfortunately it was rejected by MOM..

The company has no choice but to appeal the application since they really want my experience..

They need to downgrade my post to Project Engineer and re-package the remuneration which happen to meet P2 salary requirement...I even use SAT and it qualifies for S and EP..

Its been 10 days now since my appeal was submitted and still no result yet..

Just want to get your views.
ANYONE CAN ADVICE/COMMENT the probability of success of my appeal..


hi,normally it will take 3 weeks as i know

hi,did u get result////

No result yet...just wanna know the probability of chances

same to u ... my appeal also still pending....

How long ur one already?

2 weeks ago

friends how is appeal statues...pls let me know thanks,,,

Last 2 days ago,MOM sent email to my boss and they would like to take 2 week more for review my application.So stilll pending

thanks,we cant check the statues by online know?

And also I want to know whether u r in student visa?this is the first time u apply?thnks again

Just receive mom response and it was approved..(-: exactly 3 weeks

wow my congratulation friend.so happy about you....:)

Hey, Congrats. What all extra supporting document did you provide to MoM for an appeal ??

hi!! i've actually been in and out of sg before because my husband used to work there.. While there, I've also tried my luck applying as a nurse. Unfortunately, employers can only seem to employ applicants who have sg nurse license and SNB would only allow applicants to take the exam if they have an employer. So I tried applying into several recruitment agencies and even applied personally through walk-ins but without luck I failed to do so. Until I've come acrosa with this so called real estate agency in 2011, upon interview they sais that i am already hired as a telemarketer however i would need to attend this seminar/training that they are giving for  a fee of 150sg$. They said that this ia necessary for me since i don't have any background in real estate. I was so adamant to just be working in sg so i could be with my husband that I agreed ti the said training.. so after doing the training, they said that I was already keyed in for epass and gave me my ref. no... after 2 wiks i was informed that my aoplication was rejected because of insufficient qualification which was true as i checked via MOM portal. my question ua is.. do you think MOM would still have a record of my application since 2 yrs. has already lapsed?
I am planning to try applying again but this time on a accredited recruitment agency here in the philippines so that I could avoid being scammed. I'm frightened that this will have a bearing on my future application

Yes, they can see your complete application (and rejection) history with a mouseclick.
Have you solved the missing qualification problem (e.g. by getting a recognised degree in the meantime)? Otherwise applying again is just a waste of time, as it will be rejected again for the same reason.
And don't fall for an agent who charges you a fee - that is not allowed under Singapore law (all fees have to be borne by the employing company). Also, the agent cannot apply for an EP or other work pass for you, only the employing company can.
Good luck!


My s pass application is rejected and appealed again during the month feb. Now alomst two months over. still my employer say the result is pending. maximum how long the appeal application process will be?

If once the result come will my employer get any message or email notification.

Please reply on this

An appeal takes as long as it takes.
Since Singapore authorities usually work quickly and efficiently, the long time in your case probably indicates some investigations are taking place that take longer. For example, they often verify the acuracy of applicant's education data with the issuing institutions - so if your university is slow in responding to their enquiry, the appeal takes longer.

Mine is rejected becoz of no quota....

No quota means the company does not employ enough locals to allow hiring another foreigner. There is nothing you can do in that case. Look for another job!

but y did they appeal on this rejection... then y mom didnt reject the appeal case once it recieved.... y it put the case still pending...

Are you sure it's still pending?

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