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Living in Canada can be real fun during your free time. Discover the leisure activites available in Canada that you can enjoy with friends or family.

Wondering how to spend your free time in Canada? Below is an overview of the various leisure activites available in Canada. 

If you have just moved to Canada, you are probably wondering how you are going to spend your free time. To escape the routine of restaurants, cinema and bistro, you can choose from a number of attractions such as zoos, theme parks, national and provincial parks, waterfalls and rivers and mountain ranges.

Nature walks around Canada

There are some forty national parks across the country, as well as provincial parks that are specially designed to protect ecosystems. Visitors can discover various wonders of nature. You will find shelters with naturalists to guide you through your walk, as well as camping facilities and picnic areas. In cities, you can find theme parks where it will be nice to spend a day with your family and even camping. You should however show respect to nature during your visit by refraining from smoking, from cutting trees and plants, from feeding animal, and by picking up your trash.

Parks in Canada

National parks are marked on road signs by a white beaver on a brown background. These parks are not open all year round. You must check the opening days before you go. As for provincial parks, many of them are closed from mid-October to mid-May, while some offer discounted activities. You may have to pay entry fees for some parks.

If you prefer thrilling adventures, amusement parks are meant for you. If you are in Montreal, you can go over to La Ronde which draws big crowds every day for its great rides. If you're a fan of roller coasters, the Goliath will delight you with a speed of over 100km/h. There are also traditional rides for small, fast trains and a pirate ship.

Here is a list of parks that you can visit: Atlantic Playland in Nova Scotia, Calaway Park in Alberta, Dinotown in Vancouver, Ontario Place in Ontario, or Paramount's Canada Wonderland.

Zoos in Canada

The city of Toronto has one of the world largest zoos with some 5,000 species of animals in the natural environment of different continents. In addition, the Calgary Zoo has many species and a botanical garden as well as a historical park with replicas of dinosaurs. You can also find zoos in New Brunswick, Quebec and Manitoba.


If you are tempted by a hike you can cross the Rocky Mountains for several days. Embark on a journey of more than 400 km on a beautiful highway and discover diverse and unforgettable panorama. You can go exploring the wonders of nature by foot, observe the fauna, and even enjoy rafting and sightseeing tours offered by the park. You can also access to campsites and youth hostels. Note that the Rocky Mountains are recommended in June or September.

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