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If you wish to settle in Ankara, you will probably have to find housing. Here are some tips to guide you through this Turkish city.

Formerly known as Angora, Ankara very conducive to expatriation. Located in Anatolia, it is Turkey's capital city, as well as the most important one in economic terms. In fact, Ankara attracts large numbers of skilled foreigners wishing to benefit from opportunities which are available at all levels. It also has a variety of accommodation options for all tastes. Hence, finding accommodation there should be rather easy.

With a population of over 4.3 million inhabitants, Ankara is known for being a commercial and industrial hub. But it also carries historical and cultural heritage which you can discover during your expatriation.


Ankara is a very developed city. It hosts not only Turkish government headquarters but also foreign embassies and big local and international firms. Ankara consists of different zones, including a historical center, residential areas, industrial and commercial areas and business districts. Being a very old city, it also has archaeological sites and ruins which make an enormous historical and cultural heritage.

Anittepe, which if found near the city center, Ayranci, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Balgat, Küçükesat, etc., are Ankara's most popular neighborhoods. Anittepe is known to be a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with modern housing options, parks and sports facilities while Bağcılar is a newly built area. Ayranci, which is found on a hill slope, is a very lively area.

Bahçelievler, for its part, has large green spaces, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants which are especially crowded by students. Bilkent is also part of the new neighborhoods, with modern and luxurious accommodation options, as well as shopping malls, gyms and other leisure activities.

Cebeci district is more appropriate for students due to affordable rent prices, just like Emek Gaziosmanpaşa and Kavaklıdere, among others. As regards Çankaya, it is a posh neighborhood where high-officials, high-ranking officers, businessmen and politicians, as Mustafa Kemal and Oran Sitesi live there. You are more likely to find high-class apartments, luxury houses and villas, as well as chic restaurants and boutiques there.

Bakanliklar is also known to be an elegant neighborhood as it hosts the Turkish National Assembly, several ministries, as well as classy shops. In Kumrular Sokak, Küçükesat, Sakarya Caddesi and Kızılırmak Sokak, you are more likely to find restaurants, cafes, bars, bookstores, movie theaters, and thousands of boutiques and stores.

Rent prices

In general, rent prices are affordable in Ankara. These, of course, vary according to the type of housing, neighborhood and standing. In uptown, apartments and villas rent prices can be very high. But you can still rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Ankara as from $ 466, that is some 1,000 TL. To rent a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs, you will need an average of 627 TL.

Rent price for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center can rise up to 1,434 TL. In the suburbs however, you will need some 942 TL for a three-bedroom apartment.

 Good to know:

As regards sale prices, these range from 3,447 TL per square meter for an apartment in the city center and 1,954 TL per square meter in other areas.

Find accommodation

Accommodation offers are available on real estate and general websites and in classified ads in local newspapers. You might as well seek help from a recruitment agency during your home search, or just stroll around different neighborhoods to identify housing available for rent.

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