Driving in Italy


Expatriates holding a driver's license have to follow certain rules to be able to drive in Italy. Here is some information on the steps to be taken.

Expatriates holding a European driver's license

Expatriates having a valid driver's license issued in any European Union or European Economic Area are authorized to drive in Italy without restriction. Converting the driver's license into an Italian driver's license is not compulsory.

However, you are strongly advised to obtain a “Validity Recognition” certificate which may be useful in case of loss of the document, for instance, to renew or issue a duplicate driver's license.

The ''Validity Recognition'' must be requested from the Motorizzazioni Civili. Documents to be produced are:

  • TT 746 form
  • fees of 9.00 euros on the c/c 9001 and 14.62 euros on the c/c 4028 (available in post offices and in Motorizzazioni Civili offices)
  • your original foreign driver's license along with a photocopy
  • proof of residency in Italy
  • a stamped medical certificate issued by a licensed physician (if the license is expired), along with a passport-size photo.

Non-European driver's license holders

Expatriates bearing a non-European driver's license are required convert it into a national driver's license one year after obtaining official residency permit in the country. You will no longer be able to use your original driver's license, unless you have appropriate authorizations from local authorities.

The request for conversion has to be made at the Motorizzazioni Civili, provided that your driver's license is still valid. Documents to be produced are:

  • a TT 2112 form
  • fees of 9.00 euros on the c/c 9001 and 29.24 euros on the c/c 4028 (available in post offices and in Motorizzazioni Civili offices)
  • your original foreign license along with a photocopy
  • a medical certificate issued by a licensed physician, along with a photocopy and two passport-size identity photos.

Obtaining your driver's license in Italy

If you wish to obtain your driver's license in Italy, you must, above all, be patient. Administrative formalities can be quite long and tedious. The whole process can last for at least a year if you succeed on your first attempt. In fact, you will have to undergo theoretical and practical tests beforehand. You can register for theoretical tests as from six months. You also have to master driving skills for at least five months before being eligible to the driving test. Moreover, a medical test is compulsory. Fees apply.


Before registering with a driving school, you will have to present your request along with your identification documents to the nearest Motorizzazioni Civili examination center. Note that you must have a residence permit to be authorized to do so. You may also need to obtain your fiscal code and your national identity card.


If you are an independent candidate, you will have to pay fees amounting to some 350 euros. Driving school candidates will have to pay some 600 euros. Moreover, extra driving hours will cost between 20 and 25 euros per hour. Rates are neither fixed nor controlled by related authorities.

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Small earth, Mauritius
2 years ago

It is all about the exam. You get 40 questions on a computer, some of them having double negatives and tricky meanings. Some Italians flunk it. Many of the questions having little to do with driving skill or competence. Anyone who speaks English needs to purchase the book with both English and Italian to study. Good luck.

3 years ago

I moved to Italy 2 years ago from USA, as retiree. I read this article on Driving in Italy with interest, because learning the Italian Language sufficiently in 2 years time to pass the Italian written exam (teoria esame) is almost impossible for me. I have researched online the official Italian websites about patente issues, and I have never ran into the information you mention about getting a regular USA driving license converted for authorized use in Italy for the duration of the validity of the USA license. I looked up form TT 2112 and c/c 4028 (no luck on c/c 4028) and I do see that TT 2112 has a check box for "Il duplicato/la conversione della patente di guida della categoria [-------] [--------] Categoria Poseduta". This must be what you refer to in the blog article. What do you think I should write in the spaces [------] [------] ? Thanks for any direction you can provide.


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