Types of Accommodation in Japan


Finding a comfortable place to live is one of the most important tasks in ensuring your pleasant stay in Japan. Allocate sufficient time to research the market and to locate a place to fits your requirements.

  Types of stay:

         Services Apartments

These include all the furniture, the kitchen, the appliances, as well as cleaning and concierge services. Great for short stays. Contacts from month to month.

 Unfurnished Apartments
For longer stays this is a great option. Buy or lease the furniture or bring your own from abroad. Appliances vary from basic to fully included such as washer/dryer, lighting and refrigerators.

Houses give you the freedom to have pets along with a back yard and gardening. If traditional style is your fancy, houses with tatami mats are also available and estate agents will be able to help you with this request.

  Guest Houses
For short term stays, this option is a great way to enjoy your stay. Private bedrooms, with shares bathroom and living room.



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