Weak Ringgit makes Japan an expensive destination for holidays

Hello everyone. I am new and just joined today.

I just came back from Tokyo about 2weeks ago and during that time the forecast was 100yen : RM4.01

I tried to keep it simple or staying in budget hotels/hostels. I even slept in the Haneda airport when I arrived on the first night as the rails were already shut and taxis to Tokyo will cost a bomb.

Well to make a long story short, I spent most of my money on food and transportation. Didn't do much shopping except for a G Shock watch that was on a 30% sale and a randeseru bag for my little niece that cost RM1200++ after conversion! Haha

I would like to visit Japan again somewhere next year probably Osaka or Kyoto.

I will be very much grateful if anyone can recommend me somewhere cheap to stay. My budget would be below RM150 permits somewhere 2000yen on today's exchange rate.

And of course, best places for the best ramen, sashimi and street foods :)

Thank you in advance. Arigato gozaimaz😊

Hello  K.S. Leong :cheers:

Drop an advert under the Housing in Japan section of the site to increase your chances to find a cheap rental the next time you visit Japan.  ;)


Thanks for the advise, Kenjee. Will do just that. :)

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