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Qingdao, a coastal city east of China is one of the fastest growing cities. With its lovely beaches and its wonderful mountains it is home to almost five million people. If this is your first visit to this lovely city , try to make your first stop at the worldly known Tsingtao Brewery and Beer Street. The brewery will get you educated on the local beers and how they’re made.

At beer street you can enjoy a wide range of seafood delicacies and meat on a stick.  After that, make your way to Taidong Night Market, where you can find about anything that your hart desires for very comfortable prices but bargain to get good deals . Don’t be surprised to find food stands with crispy scorpions or juicy chicken necks. Remember though that the market only lasts until 10 PM.

After the market make your way to the main urban part of town. Grab a taxi and head towards Jiangxi Lu. Here you will find the city’s bars where expats and locals can enjoy a few drinks and a good chat together. Some of the favourite bars are LPG sports bar, Charlie’s, and if you are looking for a more relaxing vibe go to Old Jack’s or Freeman’s Bar.

Don’t hesitate to visit one of the locals favourite, Lennon Bar, which serves great food and has many live performances. Do you want something more alternative and underground? Then head down to Downtown Bar at Nanjing Road and enjoy experimental music and DJ’s from all corners of the world. If you’re more out to shake your hips Asian-style, you might want to check out one of the many clubs in Qingdao. Muse Club is one of the biggest. Here you’ll see many girls in short dresses and live dance performances , as in most Chinese clubs.

The other clubs are all around Zhong Lian Plaza. Got some cash to burn? Then Q Bar at the Shangri-La Hotel is the place to meet more business oriented people. On Aomen Lu you’ll find Angelina’s , which is a bakery that doubles as a night club in their basement. The club is not really big but it really is one of the better ones. By now you should be feeling pretty tired and a little hammered.

The best thing to end a night in Qingdao with is a 5am street BBQ  (Shao Kao), and these you’ll see at every corner after you leave the clubs. So eat some Shao Kao, and drink your last Tsingtao beer and get some sleep, tomorrow you’ll get to experience another wonderful day in Qingdao.

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