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You are allowed to drive in Cambodia if you have a valid driver's license, that is by converting your original driver's license.

Are foreigners authorized to drive in Cambodia? If so, what are the related procedures? Find the answers to your queries in this article.

If you are moving to Cambodia, particularly for a long period, you will probably want to drive. One of the first things you should know is that driving the Cambodia can be very dangerous due to the state of roads. In fact, local authorities have recently set up a national road upgrading project so as to enhance the country's local infrastructure. Some roads can be very risky for foreigners who are not yet well acquainted with the country. Therefore, it is best to travel by public transport which is easily accessible in most regions.

However, you can still drive, whether you wish to rent or buy a car to travel more comfortably with your family. This will also allow you make some savings. Make sure you have a valid driver's license and you are aware of the local driving habits and regulations.

Types of driver's licenses

There are different types of non-professional driver's licenses in Cambodia:

  • A1 which applies to 49-125cc motorcycles and scooters
  • A2 which applies to more than 125cc motorcycles
  • B for passenger vehicles (which can transport less than 9 passengers). It will also allow you to ride less than 125 cc motorcycles.

 Good to know:

The international driver's license is not recognized in Cambodia. Therefore, you will need to convert your foreign driver's license into a Cambodian driver's license.


To obtain a Cambodian driver's license, you can either to pass your driver's examination in the country or convert your original driver's license. Passing the driver's license by registering with a local driving school should cost you some $ 150 (the test is available in English). Note that the driver's license will be valid for three years.

In the case of conversion, the Cambodian driver's license will be issued within a month following the application and will be valid for one year. In the meantime, you will be entitled to a provisional driver's license.

To apply for the Cambodian driver's license, the following documents have to be produced to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport:

  • a copy of your passport
  • your valid visa
  • your residence certificate
  • 5 passport-size photos
  • your original driver's license along with a translation if it is not in English or French
  • administrative fees (around US$ 60-70)
  • a medical certificate if you are more than 65 years old.

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