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Hi there, hope this finds you all well and healthy. As we near the end of lockdown I'm looking for a property to rent on or very close to the Barragem do Castelo de Bode, preferably on the Tomar side of the lake. I visited the area pre-lockdown and fell in love with the nature, lake, and surrounding area and am looking to move lakeside as soon as possible April,  May, or June.
I'm currently in Ericeira and as lovely as it is here, my heart is on the lake, so if you know of any medium / long-term rentals I would really appreciate it if you could let me know T2 would be big enough but happy to view other properties, really just want to get myself up there.
Thanks in advance for any help/assistance you can give...
Andy Dean

Boa tarde Andy,
As I am also looking for a small furnished house to rent out with my husband in the Caldas/Santarém region for min 6 months from July, I am using this site :
My sister in law found a nice fully furnished house for 1 year from July last year in Coja (north of Arganil), this site offers long rentals all around Portugal but not much where we would like to go...
I mainly deal with Idealista.pt
There are other site like https://www.custojusto.pt/portugal/
Any more information would be appreciate if anyone knows of a rental in the Caldas/Santarém area.
Obrigada !

That's really kind of you thank you, I'll check out the websites you suggested. I'll pass on anything I find that relates to your search from the many other places I'll be searching too
Muito Obrigado

Hi Andy Dean, Welcome  :)

Please check out this link:

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