Country Is on Chang. People Too, Then Why Not The Minds..? -KSA

Since Now The Country is Open And Adopting European Conditions. There Lifestyle, looks, Everything. But Why is it Saudi Nationals Are The Same?
What Should Be The Reason To Have Some Change In -(Bedouin Thinking)

Your comment is too generic.  You need to ground it in reality.

1) What do you mean when you say European "conditions" as you put it?   Women driving, not wearing abaya, wearing jeans and mixed gatherings are not "European" conditions.  They are the normal conditions pretty much in most of the other countries in the world even outside Europe.  If you compare, not just Saudi, but most of the developing world, the western world is FAR FAR ahead in terms of human rights, labor rights, individual rights, social systems of support etc etc.  And this will continue to remain so for a long period of time
2) The thinking of any society changes over a period of time and it is driven by education and other elements.  Just changing few laws or customs is not going to change things overnight.   And having said that, you are generalizing.  There are many Saudi's who are educated and are pretty liberal.  Similarly, there are others who are not.  Same in pretty much every country

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