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Dear All,

I am an expat from Albania currently living in Qatar. After taking the proper experience in Sales & Marketing Industry i decided that i want to move in UK.
If someone can guide me throw the ways that i can make it happen especially through a job application/offer?
Thanking you in advance
P.S My brother is already British citizen, therefore i will not have difficulties in housing and all.
Thanks again!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You may well struggle to get into the UK.  Brexit will introduce a points-based immigration system into the UK and I suspect that if the current skilled migrant system is the basis of the new system, that sales & marketing will not feature in the list of required skills (it doesn't at the moment).

My advice is to come back in a few months time when we have a clearer view of what will happen in the UK post Brexit.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


Thank you for answering. I need to point it our that Sales & Marketing is not necessary the job that i want to do in UK.

I am open to all opportunities.

Hi again.

My advice remains the same; typically, the UK is looking for qualified and experienced engineers, doctors, nurses, physicists, chemists etc.

Expat Team

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