Moving from SA to Nairobi with pets

Good day
Anyone moved from SA to Nairobi with your pets? Did you use a company or did you do it yourself?
I am trying to figure it out to make the best decision.
We are relocating from Pietermaritzburg to Karen end of this year. It seems like the pet relocating companies are all charging a ridiculous amount...
What paperwork do I need? All my pets are up to date with their vaccinations, sterilized and microchipped. I had them cleared by a private vet....what else?
Can I apply online for their import permits?

Lol so many questions😂


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To import a pet to Kenya the first document you need is an import permit which currently is being processed by import export agents who forward your details and request to the veterinary authorities where once the approve the agent will forward you the import permit.
The import permit will be valid for three months and will have all the terms and conditions that your pet must fulfill before being allowed into the country.
When coming you will be expected to have;
1.The import permit-Mandatory
2.Export permit from South Africa-Not mandatory if SA does not issue
3.Veterinary health certificate from a registered vet in South Africa.-Mandatory
4.Vaccination certificate indicating the pet has had rabies vaccination booster within the last one year.-Mandatory.
For any more information please get in touch on ***

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Thank you. I have completed the whole process allready and my pets are in Kenya.

Not as easy as just getting those documents mentioned. You need customs clearance and handling at the cargo departments of the airports. Pets also need to be microchipped and you need clearance from the vet in SA 48 hours before they fly and then again at the airport here.

But all ended well and they arrived safely here after being away apart from us for 2 weeks.

I would love to bring our 2 small dogs with us when we come to Kenya in April. We currently live in USA. Our dogs are microchipped and do have their rabies vaccinations. Can you give me a link for getting custom clearances for them and for the import permits? Thank you so much.

Hi there

You can contact Joshua Prior at Priority Pets Africa

He was very very helpful.

Thank you so much LaetitiaM01

Hope all goes smoothly, if you need help, there is also a vet very close to me here in Nairobi that does import/export permits, I can always try to help.

Good luck!

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