Undergraduate scholarships

Hello everyone! It's my first posting here. Moving to Seoul has been my dream since I was 15 years old but I was never able to do it because of my financial situation and I guess I was a little bit scared too. I went to Seoul 2 months ago and I decided that I really need to follow my dream. So I was thinking about applying for a scholarship program but the thing is, the info you find on the internet isn't really answering all of my questions so I thought that if any of you knows the answers, maybe you could enlighten me? ahaha

1) So, I read pretty much everywhere that you need to be under 25 at the time of entrance. I'll turn 25 in september, can I still apply for the scholarship if I'm 25 years old by the time the semester begins?

2) What are the requirements for the scholarship? Do they look at your high school scores? If I didn't exceed in high school, do I still have a chance? Or can I take a test instead to prove I'm "worthy" the scholarship?

3) If I apply to an university without scholarship and pay for the 1st semester with my money and then have extremely good grades, can I ask for a scholarship based on those grades from that 1st semester and so on? If so, are there any age restrictions?

Thank you so much in advance.

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