Best cities for retirement in India

Hello everyone,

An increasing amount of people want to spend their retirement abroad. Would you consider giving a few tips to those looking into India for their retirement?

What are the most attractive cities for retirees in India?

Why are these the best cities in India for retirement (quality of life, cost of living, climate, health, security, etc.)?

Are there any specific areas in India where there are special retirement schemes or retirement-friendly residential areas?

Are there any activities suitable for retirees in India?

Do you have any tips on where to start looking or how to choose a suitable city for one’s retirement in India?

If you have, yourself, chosen to spend your retirement abroad, please tell us what city you have chosen and why?

Please share your experience.


It depends on what you are looking for because India is very diverse and offers a wide choice.
Indian cities are becoming more and more overcrowded. People are migrating from rural areas in search of livelihood to cities. The infrastructure is limited to the demands of the public in the cities. Government is trying to improve but not enough to cope with the increasing population. Schools and hospitals are run by the government and also the private sector. If you can pay then you can access excellent services as well but on the whole the situation is not quite satisfactory. For example, I live in the capital city of the country, Delhi. I have a house which I bought for my retirement. As I was born and raised in the state of Bihar till my move to a different country in Europe. That was in 1982 and I noticed the vast difference in the living standards. Since my return I still frequently visit UK and now I can say that the middle class in India are catching up with the living standards of UK as far as material goods and services are concerned. But, the cities in India are overcrowded, there is rampant corruption. Delhi has been declared to have the highest air pollution levels in the world. It is noisy and driving on the roads is quite hazardous because nobody follows driving rules in Delhi. Labour is cheap but gradually getting costlier everyday. Daily cost of food without the house rent and fuel costs will be around 500Rupees which is nearly one third of the cost of the UK. Housing cost will be around 600 per day for a single person in a shared apartment. Job market is not ideal for expats because the salary will be less than by western standard. About half or even less. Most of the items are already available through amazon, flipkart or other online stores. Even groceries and items for daily needs are delivered to customers at home. Weather will be quite hot in the summer and cold in winter. Hot weather starts from mid April and lasts till September but because of the monsoon rains three months of July August and September are both enjoyable and there is water everywhere on the roads and driving takes a lot of time. There are other midsized towns and picturesque hill station which attract a lot of people in the summer. I think, this is only a brief guide to living in a beautiful but overpopulated historical city such as Delhi.

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