Apartment rental, Ho Chi MInh City - advice needed.

Hi I'm Sean, I have accepted an English teacher job starting in 2-3 weeks in District 8.

I know that I should look for a price in Dong that includes management fees if possible. I also know to check out the local area for noisy bars or karaoke club. I have a 10m budget per month but hoping for around seven.

I have a friend who is local and they will negotiate the price for me and help with any paperwork. My friend and I both are having problems locating anywhere suitable.

Are there any local letting agents or websites that are actually good, I only found one so far and we are trying to contact the Landlord for 1 potential apartment we found.

Please if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, really it would.

I took the job on short notice and have gotten nearly all but this arranged. Thank you.

Others may not think so but you seem to have the situation covered.  District 8 seems unusual in that there must be big differences between the East and West ends as one end is nearly in the countryside of Binh Chanh while the other is almost downtown.  My guess is that you are looking in the town end.  Your friend is the key.  You will definitely owe him (her?) dinner when you get settled in.

Thank you, the confidence boost is needed at the moment, and your guess is accurate, town end.

I really appreciate your help.

Try these:

https://m.batdongsan.com.vn/cho-thue-ca … -cu-quan-8

https://nha.chotot.com/tp-ho-chi-minh/q … o-chung-cu

Without too much investigation I can already tell these links will really help.

Thank you kindly.

Q8 has good and less good parts. Inner (north, eastern) Q8 is especially urban, crowded and poor. My suggestion is to stay in a cheap hotel near the school for at least a month until you get to know the area. You may find out that it is worth commuting a few kilometers to work from a more convenient/safe/sane location. People at school might be able to help find an apartment too.
ps. Don't live on a canal, probably stinks at low tide.
pps Check the neighborhood at night before you sign a contract. (karaoke, roosters, bars, low life)
I don't dislike Q8, my wife's family lives there, but it is gritty and neglected by the government. I am glad you will be helping the youngsters there. Very few foreigners live there, you will be appreciated.

I lived in district 8 for about 8 years. There are a couple of newish apartment buildings in the area that would suit your budget.  One is on Au Duong Lan. They just finished building it a couple years ago. A similar one is nearer to the bridge that crosses over to Nguyen Van Cu. IIRC.

The two main bridges crossing the river can be pretty bad at peak times. There isn't a lot to do there. Two foreigners, married to VN women were threatened and physically attacked by their neighbours that I know of. A lot of stabbings, theft, fighting and harassment. the rivers stink and some streets flood.   

A hotel near the school may be a good, permanent option. I knew some teachers who had arranged monthly rentals. I don't know what their experience was.

With your budget you could look at apartments along Nguyen Thi Thap towards the Lotte Mart. Last I saw there were quite a few foreigners living there.

Hope this helps.

Dear friend,

If you want to stay in dist.1 , in a room like bnb homestay, pls reply to me. or send personal message.
Thanks and all the best for you with time in VN.

Cheer and have fun,

Colin what's up man?

Do you know any apartments like this in a high rise within a similar price range thats also in a safer area? Would love any input.

Nielsen Flute :

Colin what's up man?

Do you know any apartments like this in a high rise within a similar price range thats also in a safer area? Would love any input.

Hi, best thing to do is pick an area you like and do a search. You may need a local to help you understand what is being written.
Just type ....căn hộ cho thuê tp hcm, remove hcm and put the area you want to live.

Let me know how your search goes Nielsen I'm curious as I'll be looking for something too, still not sure where though.

Try https://icekem.com/en/s/rent-hcmc


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