Health insurance

I'm retired and living in NCR.
I would like to look into obtaining health insurance for me and my wife(she is a Philippine citizen and I'm American expat).

I am interested in knowing the same. I plan on getting there next year. I will be 60. No major health issues expect for high blood pressure which is well under control with medication.

PhilHealth is a cheap plan that provides coverage for both citizens and expats.
More expensive for expats and doesn’t cover transplants for expats though.
I believe that they only use public institutions so, keep that in mind.

I have a policy with Cigna Global that covers me worldwide for anything major, private room etc. My deductible is $375 with no other co-pays on my end. Costs around $235 a month but, much better then dying because they want cash up front at a hospital.
They direct bill with the major private hospitals here so I only need to worry about my deductible upon admission which isn’t a problem.

I hope that this helps.

Good info Tim, thanks. If I recall correctly their Global plan covers worldwide, except for US, and they have an option for US coverage which about doubles the cost, lol. At least that's what I remember from looking at it a few years back.

Yes, you are correct. It wasn’t quite that bad to add US when I got the policy. It was another $54 per month. I thought about it but decided against adding it since I’m here anyway.

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