Hi All

So I am all new to this. Found this forum after much digging and I am sure I can get some answers from the community here.

I've just accepted a job in Dammam Saudi Arabia and been offered a single status job within the country and is a permanent position.

The company has offered me what I think is a a generous living allowance (crica SAR 75000) and I have a few questions among others on how I can best use this.

1. Living
The company will provide me with temporary hotel accommodation first and then assist me with finding a permanent place to stay. I have been told that they will organise compound gated community accommodation that is to my liking. I just wanted to check if the accommodation living allowance that they have provided me is adequate? Can someone suggest? Are there are compounds or accommodation that are currently available for hire

2. Lifestyle
I am aware that there is not much of a "nightlife" so to speak in Saudi and I am looking to commute to Bahrain or fly to nearby countries for a more lively experience when possible and if time allows. What else is there to do? I do like going to the gym regularly and I am sure I can find a place there that would do it for me. I do like Yoga as well, are there centres in the country?

3. Internet/VPN
I have been told to use VPN Connections while I am in the country to allow for a secure browsing experience that is not monitored. Do people use this for streaming services as well like Netflix and Prime? Does it work?

4. Banking
I have some financial commitments in the UK (Mortgage etc). I am thinking of sending across money every month from my paycheck to cover this amount. What do people in Saudi normally do to send money abroad? Do you use online money transfer accounts that are value for money at all? With regards to the remaining of my salary, I would like to transfer this as well to accounts abroad (either in india or somewhere within the EU). Does anyone else do something similar? I am cautious of due to the strict rules in Saudi, keeping money in a Saudi bank might not be the best idea incase there are any issues of living out there. I do have an HSBC account and not sure if this is of any help as well. Some advice on how to manage money would be great!

5. Driving License
I am offered a company car, but dont have a saudi license. I am assuming I am able to use my UK license for a period of time before I have to either sit a driving test for a Saudi license or get my license transferred to a Saudi License if this is possible.

6. Language
I am told by others that Arabic and English is spoken my most people. I do speak other indian languages as well which I think would come in handy but I just wanted to find out if there are language centres where expats go to to learn Arabic. I would be keen on learning to read/write and understand the language

7. Laptop/Phones
I am thinking of purchasing a new phone before i fly out and a refurbished laptop for my personal use in the Country. Would it be easy enough to get a SIM Card while I am out there? Do I need to present any special documentation for this purpose?

Thats it for now, I think I may have some more questions much closer to the time but shall let everyone know.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi Terry,
Arabic is the native language of course and English is well spoken by all young and any business environment as well, VPN are common apps especially among expiatory, I personally use NordVPN for business and Netflix purposes and it is legal 100% as long as you're not breaking the law.

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