How to Vet a Woman in HongKong


I have been chatting with a lady I met on DIA, and she presented herself as being very affluent, a model, and mentioned her family's business, which I looked up and is a notable business in Hong Kong, but I noticed a different name from the founder of the business.  What is the tradition of last names in that part of the world?  It is possible her mother is the daughter of the founder, hence the last name.

Another thing was she spoke of all of the money she has made investing on Bitcoin, and, not only sent me a link to this investment brokerage house in HK, but also send me a PDF that had an application to open an account, which seemed like fishing to me.

Her WeChat app showed a very tall, attractive woman in front of very nice places, dressed to the nines,  and she also mentioned her travels. 

I can't help but wonder what a woman that attractive, with wealth already, find in a divorced, retired 59 year old dentist.  I ain't Brad Pitt by no stretch, but am nice enough looking to garner a fair amount of interest on the dating websites.  Most of the interest I have gotten has been from Filipinas in the Philippines and China, but I am suspicious as to whether this HK model is who she says she is.

Is there a easy way to find out if she is real, or a fat guy in Ghana smoking a cigar, who happens to have many photos of a Chinese model?

I am not sure I understand your question. Since she is apparently rich and on wechat, all you have to do is to ask for a live conversation with her and/or ask her to join you. That shouldn't be a problem for her if she is who she claims to be... If she refuses, you'll know much better about the situation.

I have been chatting Filipinas, and they are so poor and the internet so slow I haven't done much video. Good idea, the next time we chat I will ask her. Shouldn't be a problem if she is who she says she is

She told me her family's business, and it had a website. Are 5'9" Chinese women rare?

China is as large as Europe. In Netherlands, Serbia or the UK, being 5'10" is like being "normal"... though girls that tall are quite rare in Spain or Italy.

China is exactly the same. It all depends where she comes from.

Hi , you have to be careful , internet is mainly used by scammers here , especially  Chinese women's  when you start to see someone who pretend to be wealthy and investing in bitcoins you can be sure that at some point they will ask you to invest .

So be very careful


Yes, every conversation revolved around Bitcoin and wondering if I had opened a Brokerage account with  I was shocked at how quickly the link and the application to open the account appeared.

I finally blocked her.  It became more and more apparent she was a scammer.

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