Is it really complicated to date an Indian guy?


Im not sure if this is how it works. I just ran into this interesting site and tried to join,
I just wanted to know and seek some insights what are the basic characteristics of an Indian guy?

We met online a few years ago, got interested and exchanged messages but not regularly.
He'll be out of Skype for a month or two and will send me a message again out of the blue. ( he was in USA that time)

Recently, he went back to India and this is the time where we had a continuous communication, had a relationship but there are things that i still don't know about him during that time. He admitted that the name he gave during the past years was not his real name and so he gave me the real one, (hopefully it's real this time. )

I was just curious because everytime i ask for his picture, he's always hesitant to send it, other than that, i think he's keeping a lot of things from me. I don't even know the company he's working for, nor what his parents do, or his schools where he graduated.

Is it normal for Indians to be this secretive?


This is very normal behaviour from a jerk trying  to get something. Why would one even consider getting more involved with someone who is obviously dishonest? I don't think it has to do with being an Indian or not; it's about an honest guy or not - and this isn't one.

Thank you TominStuttgart. *sigh*
I just have this fascination with Indian men who speaks good English and he's nice actually, it's just that, i find his attitude very unusual. I thought that maybe it's because he's Indian and he doesn't like to divulge everything about himself? I don't know. :(

He obviously had ulterior motives in not being completely honest with you.

thanks, that's what i thought. I just don't know what it is up until now. :(

I agree with TominStuttgart and Stumpy. This guy is dishonest. With technology contributing to easy way of life; sharing a pic with you should not be a problem. My advise would be relax and not be worried. He might not be the guy for you. It is not complicated to date an Indian guy, if you are honest with each other.

Cheers!!! :)

Thanks Titus. Actually, he said that he's a camera-shy type of guy and he's very private. :(

So? sharing a passport size photograph should not be a problem right? It is the least he could do if he camera shy


yeah, but i dunno. maybe im not worthy to see him like, everyday or often?

I am not sure if i am addressing the exact issue , however here's a link to an article of mine which might provide some insights . … gra-mrics/

Another thing is to understand a culture. For most Indians there is no such thing as dating. Marriages are arranged. An Indian man might take the opportunity to try to get sex from a foreigner but it is not meant as leading to a relationship and marriage since that is not how things are done. There might be some exceptions amongst very modern, rich Indians but even then don't assume it.

thank you mickyd. :)

thank you. i will be more cautious now knowing how it works. thanks for the heads up. :)


I too think that his behavior his abnormal. Reason because he is approachable when he desires.
I would not like to comment on if he has some hidden agenda but Indian people are not secretive.
It may be perhaps the frequency have not matched to that extent or may be family pressure and blah blah.
I wish to inform that most Indian are quiet courteous as they believe in the fact that ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA i.e Guest is like a God.
So my humble request is not to have that feeling towards Indian people.
And it is not complicated to date an Indian guy.  ;)
Wish you find a right guy soon.
Take care.
Contact me if you wish to discuss something.

It is not normal for any guy to be that secretive. Obviously he is hiding a lot from you. He did not reveal his true name the first time, what makes you think that he could be trusted now?
Instead of giving him any more chances, ask him directly what his intentions are? Or better yet just stop entertaining him. You deserve so much more sister! Please don't waste your time for jerks like these

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