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I recently moved to Wuxi to teach English and am looking to meet new people.
Lauren 😊

Hi Lauren,

I'm not presently living in Wuxi, but I have signed and secured a contract with a company there, if all goes well (Visa related) I'll be starting in a few months (fly out July, start August). I'm told I'll be located very near Jinkui Park.

This forum seems a fairly dead, but if you could share any useful information on Wuxi and/or your experience thus far I'd really appreciate it. I've previously lived and worked in Beijing, but obviously being a 1st tier city there were tons of friendly "expats" and it was quite easy to make new friends and find a good social circle straight away. Hopefully it will be similar in Wuxi, but with it being a far smaller city I'm not so sure.


Sorry I thought my reply sent. I have only been here a few weeks so don't have a great deal of experience but I will help as much as I can.
Wuxi is a very small city compared to Beijing so meeting people is alot harder I've found. People here speak very little English if any at all. I recommended learning Chinese if you don't know any.
The public transport isn't as good as Beijing as there is only 2 metro lines which only go to certain places. All the touristy places are further out of the city.
I hope this helps, if you wanna meet up when you arrive in Wuxi just drop me a message 😊

Thanks for the reply,
Ah yes I expected there would be a lot less foreigners in Wuxi. Also, it kind of sucks about the public transportation; I'll have to look into getting a scooter/electric motorbike or something to get around eventually. I was learning a little Mandarin whilst in Beijing, but I've read that Wuxi has it's own dialect that is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin, so I foresee that being a huge issue; since I won't be able to learn much at all here in Australia, or even be able use translation apps once I arrive.   :unsure

Anyways, good luck with everything there, I'm sure you'll get into the rhythm of the place in no time...and yes I will drop you a message once I've made the move and settled in.  :top:

Hey! I’ll be there in August and looking forward to meeting new people!

Hi Lauren, I'm an expat living in Wuxi. I've been here a few weeks already but I found it really difficult to meet with other expats. I'll be really happy to meet you for a coffee if you would like :)

Greetings all:
I have accepted an offer from a school and am working on getting my visa. I expect to arrive early August. I've been to Hong Kong once. This will be my first employment venture outside the US. Looking forward to new experiences and meeting new people.

Any info on housing would be appreciated. Work is about 1/4 mile east of Jianjing Park.

Hi there, We are arriving in Wuxi in August. Would love to make contact with other expats in the area.

Hi, I'm Nicole, I'm living in wuxi, so we can meet each other if you want 😀

Hi there Lauren,

I moved to Wuxi from the UK about 2 weeks ago and am currently employed at the university. I saw your message and thought I would make a random contact ask are there any expat events happening around Wuxi or social groups to join? I realise you may not be here anymore and if so no problem.

Regards Mike

I see you are writing "I've read that Wuxi has it's own dialect that is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin". What I've seen and heard is that wu dialect still is mandaring but with some strange vocals and shortenings in the words. I would say that it is something like difference between London and Yorkshire. However, they are still able to speak clean mandarin in wuxi. I also met quite a lot of people that could speak some english. Especially amongst younger people. Also buses and subways actually got english texts indoor and on the busstops. I also saw some apps you could use on your smartphone to get somewhere else. If you get wifi somewhere you could also use google maps(well some of it). I beleive you are able to use ctrips app. I give some suggestions on wuxi-city .

wuxi is a wonderful city , my cousin lives there ,good luck with you


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