cost of living in tashkent

Iam Indian female 27 got offer in tashkent for 1200usd is it safe and good working in tashkent, i am given food and accommodation

Uzbekistan is very safe.
If you are provided with food and accommodation, then you can save from your salary a lot. The living cost is pretty cheap in comparison with other ex-Soviet countries.

You will be fine and the salary is more than enough to have a reasonable standard of living; I would recommend however that you look around for a better salary at your earliest opportunity, or you won't be able to make enough savings for when you're ready to leave.

Funnily enough, I did a video today about the cost of living in Tashkent:

I will be doing a video of a tour we did a dummy rin for last week was was great fun; I will post it tomorrow for you - I am sure you will love the place...

Best wishes,

Darren Thompson

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