Are dance and fitness classes demanded in Sri Lanka

Hi I am a dance lover, recently relocated to SL before living in London and attending a lot of dance classes. I recently set up a dancehall (caribbean style) class in Nugegoda at Gym Bodybykris but nobody seem interested, it very depressive to know that you cannot do things you love in this country especially when it comes about having fun, dance, celebrate, all age night life etc
is there an answer why SL does not seem a fun place?
Anyhow if anyone is interested CARIBBEAN DANCE run every Tuesdays at 6 at Bodybykris, please join me!

watch the video … 181422033/

Hi lizzy kjrish,

ya lot of these girls go for that.

some call it zoomba.

u need to know how to advertise. cause it all depends on how u brain wash these girls and boys.

some girls go to these cause they want to find boys, some guys go to these classes to find girls.
some rich asses go to show off.

first u need to know how to get these people and how much to charge them.

cause advertising spending money and facebook wont do any good

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