Looking for a partime job in Lille(English Speaking only)

Hi. I am a student of Business School and looking for a part time work in lille. I have previously worked for 2 years as a sales engineer.
I would be much grateful if anyone could help me out to find any part time job.


Rishik Parashar

Welcome to the Forum Rishik Parashar :)

Have a look HERE


i have an offer or full time job for English speaker in a contact center(partner help/customer service)

please let me know if you can be interested



would be interested. How to contact you?

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Jobs in Lille section by dropping an advert if you are either looking for or proposing a job.

[at] Prabhleen, how to contact Iam, well have a look at her advert in the jobs section, and click on the contact button.

https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/europe/fr … gents.html

All the best,

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