Marriage in Estonia - Foreigner & Estonian

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This is an informative post for couples wanting to marry in Estonia. We thought it might be helpful to share what we know. This post might apply to all cases but still it might be helpful.

One partner is a foreigner


Approx 2 months

CNI € 120
Notary € 25
Birth Certificate € 30
Postage cost € 100
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs € 60
The Tallinn Vital Statistics Department € 120
Total cost: € 455

Foreigner paper requirements:

1. CNI (Certificate of No Impediment)
2. Birth Certificate from country of origin translated to English and apostilled
3. Passport
Estonian requires his or her National ID only.

The process:

1. to be done in the same time:

i. Download and fill out the CNI form most probably found on your embassy's website
ii. Make an appointment by telephone with a Notary office to certify both your passport copies, and to witness your signature on the CNI request form.
iii. Once all documents are ready, post them to your embassy.
iv. You will receive the CNI by registered mail to your address in Estonia

Birth Certificate (BC)
Each country is different. You need this document translated to English if not already in English. Then apostilled by the right governmental department in the country of origin. Then get it mailed to you here in Estonia.

2. Now call the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tallinn and make an appointment to legalise both documents (CNI & BC)

3. Both partners go to the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department and submit all papers. You will need to fill out a marriage form which can be collected from there. Pay the cost which is different:
Marriage registration on weekdays: € 65
Marriage registration on weekends: € 120

4. Now you have to wait 30 days before the registration of marriage is official.

5. After 30 days, both partners to go to the registration ceremony held at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department to become a man and wife.

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to post them for us.

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Thanks so much it was so much helpful because I want to do marriage soon and it help so much

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