Part time Jobs in st. Petersburg.

I will be in St. Petersburg probably by next month. And I was wondering if anyone can let me know of places where students can find some part time work to cover up their expenses.

You must be able to communicate in Russian language then it would be easy for you to get a job. Btw living cost of Russia and India is the same.

Thanks for the information. Oops that's a problem cause I can't speak Russian. Aren't there a jobs which requires communication in English ??

Well, Nobody speaks English here. I have been living here for 8 months now and it is extremely difficult as I don't know Russian language. I would advise that do learn basic at least .

Yes I have been told that. Thanks for your information mate, cheers !!

If you are willing to learn you could become an English teacher.

how i can become english teacher here

You can take a TKT, Celta or DELTA course

thanks how i can apply for job.i dont know russian?

Hey bro reached in St petersburg??

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