Hi everyone,

My name is Laura and I just arrive to the airport with my boyfriend Xavier. Arriving at HCM, our credit card has been "eaten" by the ATM so we don't have money and so we don't have any place to sleep this night. I Hope to find help somewhere!!!

Thanks to all af you!


Hi ClaereboutGoffin,

Welcome to the forum  :)
Can you please drop an advert in the Ho Chi Minh City classifieds? There is a couchsurfing section, this might help  ;)

Good luck,

ClaereboutGoffin :

our credit card has been "eaten" by the ATM

Contact the bank immediately and see if they can send an engineer to get it back for you.

That's nasty
Looked at your profile..see you are from Belgium
If you can get some small money the Belgium consulate in Hcmc is on
08628 081001....

Hi Laura,

I have just seen your message. Very sorry to hear that.
Have you got the place to sleep yet?
Where are you now?
I would like to pick you up to my hotel in Dist. 7
Pls contact with me immediately.


Hi ,

Pls contact me at *** or ***.

Good luck.


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