Safe to transport LED TV cargo to India from Riyadh Saudi Arabia?

Hiii guyz,

               Is it safe / good to transport LED TV through cargo? Is there is any trustable & safeable cargo agency to transport 50 " LED tv to india from riyadh, saudi arabia ?

Hello Vimalveeru :cheers:

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While waiting for members to tip in, you could ask for a free quote from movers here:

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Did you got your answer?? I also have similar case... I bought 40" TV, as per sources Riyadh Airport doesn't have capacity to allow more than 32" TV in luggage.

option is to Cargo the TV if someone is trusted or else we have to travel to India from anywhere else like Dammam etc. where they may accept 40" TV.

if you already got solution please share with me.



Did you get any response to your query