Dental clinic in Sofia or Plovdiv

Hi all,

I'm considering to visit Bulgaria very soon to put 2 or 3 implants.  Can anyone recommend a dentist or a dental clinic in Sofia or in Plovdiv ? 



I would recommend they speak English and I really like how they work.


Another alternative is this......
She is a young lady Doctor, speaks terrific english and comes highly recommended
through personal experience.
She works out of a Clinic in Central Sofia.

Thanks. Do you know her name by any chance ?

Yes, its Graziella, surname Yaneva I think!

Better search for a reputable dentist, than for a dental clinic. One clinic may have several good dentist, but you also might come accross a nowice.

You can always ask for a specific doctor even in a dental clinic. And good ones offer a much wider range of services than one single doctor could possibly cover.
So, clinics get my vote every time although I have used excellent surgeries too.

Hi I have some dental issues which I really need to address but the cost for the treatment in the uk is running into the thousands (5 or 6) but I've heard that Bulgaria has very good dentists and I could get treatment at a fraction of the price. Can I get some suggestions please for dentists who are speaking English fluently in the Plovdiv area - I have the opportunity to stay at a property near Plovdiv through March of next year but also I could travel some distance, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to go into say Sofia for my dentistry. I'll also want to travel a little as I'm very tempted by the thought of buying some property and land in Bulgaria and going back and forth doing it up with a view to maybe moving there full time one day, seems like Bulgaria would suit me and my partner very well from what I've so far heard about it. Many thanks, David

I have used my Sofia dentist for years and most happy with the treatments, service and standards too. And the price is right.
Ping me if you want to know more

Can you please let me know contact details of dentist!
Thank you

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