Open a Maquis/Boutique in Ouaga


I was wondering about opening a maquis/boutique in Ouaga. Can you explain me step to step and more or less the global cost per month?

Well let me know when you do,as I would love to participate. ****

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Lady Myah, i'm thinking about a way to afford my studies in Burkina Faso:)

Where are you from?

I'm in NY at the moment headed to Montreal  (the "Paris in Canada)then waiting for a deal to close,  then off to Burkina Faso!
Do you live there now?
Can't  wait to get to the "O"! I hope to see you soon!
Lady Myah

Hi ontheroad88,
Can you please specify or breakdown the cost items you're referring to? Like rent? employees? taxes?

My dear, we are surely going to have wait until I get there, and it appears that I am not going to arrive much before you.
Lady Myah

My Dear,

I booked my flight! I Will be In Ouagadougou on September 29th!

What about you?


Well, you will get there a few days ahead of us, since we're now arriving  ( God spare life) around the 4th of October.
Take care and, by the way, what is the most essential item that you're packing?
Thank you,


As I've lived In Burkina during the past year, I'm bringing à big baggage with dresses and so on. It dépends also from thé location I Will find (for the moment any flat found). I'm searching something near the university, as I Will study there at least for the first 3 months.

What about you? Are you excited for this new adventure?


I shall look forward to helping you! We are expected on the 4th and we are eagerly awaiting our departure and arrival.
Lady Myah

So, enjoy your travel and see you in Ouagadougou!

Kind regards

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