Apartment landlord eviction process

Hello all,

Having an issue with my landlord. Fact is, I am in the right and won't back down to what he is asking. I can elaborate more on the issue if anyone cares but my question is.

Does anyone know know the actual eviction process in Vietnam would be?

I tried google search and nothing came up. I can't imagine this hasn't been an issue for a lot of expat renters here as the landlords are horrible.

Any info appreciated asap.

Thank you!

Also, this is in HCMC. Not sure if that matters. Thanks again.

This is Vietnam - no rules apply! :D
Good luck

I'm just waiting it out until I see what actually happens. I did nothing wrong here besides believe a verbal agreement would be enough, he has my security deposit, it's my last month. Let's see what unfolds.

I will say, It's astounding this topic hasn't been more talked about online. hard to believe to be honest. Do people just accept defeat here?!

You probably need to elaborate on your story in order to get an accurate answer. I assume that your lease is up, you have packed, are ready to move out and your landlord told you that he is going to confiscate your security deposit? If you didn't sign any contract I am afraid you cannot do anything about it. A verbal agreement is never enough. I do believe that being an adult implies the responsibility of reading the terms and conditions before checking the "I agree" box.

Forget about the 'head ache' parts in life and shift to a peaceful shelter.
Don't forget to make a clear written contract this time and read it before you sign.
There are so many accommodation available  :)

it's hard for anybody to comment if you don't say what the issue actually is...

I've been here 4 years & have had absolutely wonderful landlords. Most issues arise due to lost in translation incidents & misunderstandings but can be easily solved if you take along a friend who speaks fluent Vietnamese to help you. Just be sure to tell them exactly what you want & need etc before the meeting. Stay calm & polite always. Histrionics won't get you anywhere here...

When my lease was due to expire on a previous rental the landlord sent a team of his relatives to go over the whole apartment looking for the slightest excuse to withhold at least part of the deposit. After three and a half hours they couldn't,t find anything to complain about. If  I had not had a written contract and photographs taken at the start of the lease it would have been a different story.

VN rental system is not overly good at the best of times. My first landlady tried to hold 175 million vnd deposit as she believed it was her money to keep. Luckily I took pictures of the place when I moved in which showed the building with filthy walls and rat crap everywhere. After seeing the pics she backed down and gave in, luckily I always make sure I have a lease in both English and VN. No contract, your going to struggle.

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