German language courses

I just moved to Khobar, Saudi Arabia and employed by a German Company. I appreciate if anyone can direct me to where can I find  German language courses.

Hi rabihabisaad,

Welcome to :)

You may want to post your search in the Language classes in Khobar , it might help you to find a German teacher more rapidly.

You may also want to have a look at these two websites :

- … ers-tutors

- … ges/german

Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks Priscilla for your advise.



I am a German moving to Dhahran in 2 months from now. I am a professional teacher. Maybe I could help you. Let me know if you are still in need.


Hi Sabrina,

That's very good news. It is in fact perfect timing. My wife will be arriving to Saudi Arabia by end of July and we can jointly attend these courses.

Please note that you can reach me on my personal number ****.

I appreciate if you can send me your credentials and CV to my personal email: ****. Also what is the language course schedule and cost?

Regarding the timing, best time is after 6:00pm. Will this fit with you?

Kind Regards,
Rabih Abi Saab

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can we get ur phone number we have IGCSE students want to do German
Khaled salem

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Hallo Sabrina,

I'm interested taking German classes. Have you arrived in the Kingdom & are you based in Dammam/Khobar.

Let me know how we can coordinate.



Hello and welcome on board Soleja :cheers:

Could you please drop your advert in the appropriate section of the site :

Language Classes in Khobar


Hi Sabrina,

I'm looking to taking German classes. Have you arrived in the Kingdom? Please let me know how to contact you accordingly.

Best regards,


good afternoon
excuse me
i was searching for any courses in dammam or khobar for german language
then i read your comment
if you have the ability to teach me german language for a biggener please contact me at
dr mohamed hossam
thank you a lot

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Hi if anyone is teaching Italian ,Spanish or French here in khobar, pls let me know i want to learn. I have already completed the basic of Italian and doing self studies for italian from past 4 months. Need a teacher now

I'm dr khan
Can I have German classes?

Pls. Pm your contact details. Thanks.

Please write me your email
My email

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Hello Yasmin,

My name is Lulu and I live in Dammam. I’m interested in learning German and I just saw your post and was wondering if you’re still offering classes. Please let me know.

Thank you


My name is Jipson K jose, I am working in Dammam and i would like to learn German language, If you can help me please let me know.

I’m interested for germnay language courses
I hope to communicate



Are you offering classes ?

No, I’m looking for classes

I am also looking for the same

i am doctor and i am interested in learning the german language!! can you gelp me with that??

Good Morning,

Im a German native speaker. If some of you are interested in learning the German language don’t hesitate to contact me


Hello Niwin,

Kindly provide a contact number or email to talk about german classes.


Guys, we can do self-study from self-teaching tutorials, I've bought a complete course called "Delfin", a book and soundtracks that offers german up to B1 or B2 level I don't remember, and we can form a group to study it together.

Please give me your contact details or contact to ***

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Hello Sabrina

i would like to ask if you could give private A1.1 and A1.2  courses for my wife in Dammam.

If you are interested please inform me,

Thanks a lot

Dear Madam,

I am looking for German job seeker visa and i need to prepare for B1 level language course, need your advise and guidance.

Khurram Aijaz

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