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Hi there I am Welsh and a mum to a 3yr old boy and new to Muscat. I would love to meet up with any other mums for play dates or once my son starts school in January i would love to go for coffee/shopping. I am English speaking and unfortunately don't speak any other languages. I have lived in Australia for the last 5 years before moving here with my hubby's job. We live in Bausher at the Dolphin Village.
We are also looking for some feed back on what are the best schools. We have been to the British school of Muscat which is great but we're wondering if there were any others we should also be looking at. Any advice would be great.

Thanks so much


Hello - I hope you don't mind me replying but I saw your post and wanted some advice - I am a mum with 2 small children 4 & 2 and my husband has been offered a job in Muscat - we are from hertfordshire in england - they are flying me out this weekend to have a look at the british school and just generally look about as I have never been.  Do you know if there are any mother/toddler groups in Muscat that I could pop in a visit?  I was hoping to get a chance to meet someone in a similar situation who could give me some insight into what it is really like as a mum with little ones out there?

Many thanks

Hi Lucie,

Im sorry but i hvent really found many mother and toddler groups here except for Muscat mums. They have  Web page if you Google them. They are only for new mums and pre school children but my son starts school in January so I haven't  bothered to contact them but they could be an option for you with a 2yr old.
Besides not meeting many other mums yet Muscat is an amazing  place and I really like it here. We were at the beach all day today and my 3yr old is having a great time.
I'm sure you will all love it here. I know that once the kids start school meeting other mums will be much easier.
Jack will be going to the British school of Muscat in January  and it's definitely the best school here.
Well I hope you all enjoy here and if you want to get in touch when you arrive just message me on here or my email is xxx.

Take care


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Thanks so much Claire that's really kind of you - I am at airport flying out tonight! Would be lovely to hear what someone in a similar boat feels as I am still on the fence - will be looking at some Areas around the British school to live to get a feel for it I will try and email you and see if you could give a good pointer of places to visit!
Thanks again Lucie

Hi Clare,

i am sorry, but this is irrelevant to your post or what you were looking for. However, since i am new to Oman, i want to know something. I believe you or your hubby had your Australian licence before moving to muscat. I just need to know, if you converted it directly to omani drivers licence or not. I lived in Australia as well and have AU licence. i searched all over google, but i cannot find the answer for it, didn't got time to go to ROP to find it out, as its just been a week for me in Oman.

It is just an hour’s job for you to convert your Australian/British/American license to an Omani licence at the ROP office near Seeb.You need to be be accompanied by your company PRO as some forms need to be filled in Arabic.

Sak9, thank you so much for your info. i got my licence converted today. big relief for me....:) thanks again

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