Accomodation in Ho Chi Minh City

I am considering a work opportunity in Ho Chi Minh City. Can anyone advise on a good district to live in that would be suitable for a family with a 6 year old and a 1 year old? Ideally somewhere close to good schools, about 30 mins from the city. And also safe for a family that is new to Vietnam.

Hello Delgun,
My name is Alissa,
I think District 2 & district 7 are good choice for foreigners.
Kind regards,

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Hi Alissa

Thanks for that, I am interested in finding out more. I will send you an email shortly.


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You will be bombarded by rental agents,they dont give any advice just what they have to rent.

I think D7,Phu My Hung is the best area as its more open than D2.

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Some more Vietnamese websites for rentals. Many apts will be unavailable but gives you an an idea. Use chrome browser for helpful but imperfect translations.

A district map for bearings … minh-city/

Google has finally started adding street views in Districts 1, 3, 5, 7, drag and drop the yellow man onto the street bubbles, a fun time-waster, as are those rental websites!

I know nothing about children and schools. I would say it is safe living almost everywhere that there are street lights at night and wider roads. District 1 is downtown, accessible but expensive. District 7 Phu My Hung is more suburban, and expensive. Districts 3, 4, 5, etc. more inner city. District 2 I don't understand the attraction: cross the river, and a square mile of swamp. Mega building projects in the distance. Bumpy country roads through more swamp, then some old village. A little farther, expensive walled "villas" (single family houses) trees and condos. Then, more swamp.

I recommend bringing documents like birth certificates for the kids, certified marriage license, international driver's license, two ATM cards to savings banks back home, cash for emergencies, favorite pharmaceuticals/toiletries, smart phone for GPS maps.

Hello Gobot,
We got your advice. Thank you a lot.
If you are looking for an available apartment. You should contact to some agencies directly by phone. Example at you can get them.
And the apartment will be located center with your office, baby's school... maybe that... :)

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I really like your observations and remarks about D2 ...Classic !  :D

First, there are few English pages which you can look for real estate property:,, and craigslist

Now I will show you how to do it by local way:
First, I will show you one of the most popular real estate page in Vietnam:
Nhà đất bán means Property for sale;
Nhà đất cho thuê means Property for rent;
Tìm môi giới means Find a broker

Go to Nhà đất cho thuê  Property for rent:
Cho thuê căn hộ chung cư means Condominium unit for rent

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Why don't your guys find some agency for help. It make you save time, money and find good apartment or house to live.


Hope you can find good place to live

Just curious... Did you ever rent the exact apartment/house listed by any of the agencies that you referred ?

In fact, the city is not too big so you can literally stay wherever he would like and still be in short driving distance. School, job, entertainment are within your reach. If you need more information you should give more requirements details to be able to help you

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Hi Delgun,

I'm a Saigonese (Ho Chi Minh city citizen). I would suggest district 7 which is called a "new city" of Ho Chi Minh. The district is well designed, invested and organized. It is the most "worth living" in HCM.

There are a lot of great services in district 7, especially Phu My Hung including education, health care, dining, sports, entertainment, etc...

Good luck with your consideration!

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Cannot understand your post ENGLISH PLEASE !!!


Have you found the apartment yet?

Thank you

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I would say that District 7 PMH is the only district where you can walk around the neighborhood with a stroller without having to do too much maneuver to protect yourself and the kid from getting hit by motorbike ninjas. The condition of the road is so much better, and broader.

D1 is center but too chaotic.

Agree with gobot that D2 is kind of overrated. The area on the whole is just dodgy, not well maintained. They do have decent western style cafes, restaurant and brunch place tho. And schools. I guess D2 is kind of good cause it's where everybody else are.. It's easier to meet fellow expat families with kids.

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i've scouted the different areas of HCMC and settled down in D7 upon the advice of my wife.

plenty of east asians here - i see koreans literally everywhere. i see a whites from time to time.

my serviced apartment is near Vivocity and my office is literally across the street so i need not get a scooter or use an umbrella (much). i'll be making a year-long move there in july.

but having been in/out of HCMC many many times for work trips over the last 6 months, i like it here, compared to other districts.

it's about 200k-220k VND to the airport, btw.

Hi, I saw you find apartment in HCMc. Did you find it? If not, I think you can buy apartment in District 2, 4 or 7. Because these location are near District 1 and you can come to D1 about 30'.
Nice to meet you and nice days!

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Dear Delgun,

For me, Phu My Hung (District 7) is the best place in HCMC to live for a family with young children. Reasons:

- There are many good international school such as: American International school (where adapted an American Education system and 5stars facilities, find out at:; Canadian International School (where adapted the Canadian Education system), Saigon South International School (SSIS- the most famous good school in HCMC).

- There are many shopping centres within this Area including Crescent Mall, Vivo City, Lotte Mart, etc...

- Entertainments, Cinemas, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, church, music school for kids, dancing school for kids, chess school for kids, etc.. are all in the same area.

- Rental price are reasonable.

Thanks a lot and have a good day,

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You can also ask to join the google group - An PHu Neighbours. This is an expat group living in District 2 in an area called Thao Dien. There are many International schools there & western food & cafes available. There is a huge compound beside the river with gym & pool & tennis courts etc & gardens. all houses are inside good security. Many families live here cos its all huge houses. 24/7 security guards at the gate. Cafe inside also. An Phu Compound. There are others similiar but this is the best situated in D2. I loved living in Thao Dien ward and rode my bicycle everywhere locally. Quiet. Big shooping centre there with imported foods & many pharmacies & western dental & doctor there as well. It makes for an easier transition to Vietnamese culture as many locals there speak some English. There are also 2 western trained vets there  - the onbly ones in HCMC.

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