Volunteering in Liberia


While living abroad, some expats wish to get involved in the local community life.

What organizations expats can turn to if they want to volunteer in Liberia?

How to join a charitable institution, what are the steps?

Which causes have the greatest need for volunteers in Liberia?

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I would urge you to get involved with the Federation on Liberian Youth (FLY).  Even organizing a game tournament, mentoring or a reading event will be fine.  Also, there are many schools and orphanages that need help, perhaps one hour a day reading or playing games with the kids.  Too many expats live in a bubble when they should be interacting with the people they are sent to help.

I am a Ugandan senior hydrogeologist mainly involved in rural and emergency water supply and sanitation intervention.
I would love to volunteer in Liberia in an organisation with WASH intervention programs.


I am a British citizen, living in London.  I have worked in Liberia for 3 weeks in July 2015 as a civil engineer. Currently I am free and would like to volunteer for any organisation in Liberia.

Thank you.  I will contact the relevant agencies and let you know.

Hi there who ever you are,
what is your contribution toward volunteering in Liberia,since you have such a good idea?


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You can check up [link moderated] for volunteer and internship opportunities in Liberia.