Need a decent apt in Minsk for the Summer

Hi all,

I've been surfing the web for a decent apt for the summer as I plan on attending the Russian language course at MLU.  Problem is the apts I've found are prohibitively expensive.  Now I don't mind paying "tourist" prices but I'm not paying 3000 bucks a month.
I was staying at an amazingly nice apt in Miami beach for $1800 a month... I think paying $1000 a month for a good apt in Minsk is still too much but I might be able to wing that...
So I guess my question is where do you search for these "normal" apartments in Minsk?
Any help is greatly appreciated...


Decency in Minsk starts from $500. Depends greatly on a location. I am sure that for $500-700 range you can find a great option. I ll be back in Minsk after April 12th, may assist you in your search.

Dimetr I see you're competent enough so maybe you can help me too :)
I need to hire a car in Minsk this june and I wonder what are the averige prices and where can I hire a good car? 4x4 for my family with children. I've googled and found some have you heard about them? I prefer this service cause they're Georgian I think but maybe that's a stupid choice?
thank you for all your suggestions

My relatives have an apt for rent in Minsk. I believe that it falls under "decent" label and close to Metro Station that is the easy way to get to MLU. Let me know if you are interested and I can inquire them about the place.

Sorry for late reply! Of course, you would prefer an official renting service? I've got friends with private cars but the insurance etc. of course an issue.

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