Hi all i am looking for someone who can host me for a week and a  half. I lived in Minsk for three months. I like to travel and meet new people and can get a lift to poland. I am finishing of my study this year that s why i am traveling low budget (poor student haha) . I speak a bit Russian and i am very open minded person so hopefully someone can host me. Ofcourse i can host you in Groningen (Netherlands) .

Hi and welcome on board jeroenDuursma!

Maybe you should post an advert in the accommodation section of Minsk classifieds.

Good luck

I would recommend guys on low budget to show up at Minsk State Linguistic University (Building A). On the left side of the entrance hall, past the cloakroom, there are mirrors with an ad desk opposite them. On that desk there are plenty of ads of students looking to rent a room or landlords to let a room. You can also join the local students for a short while and share the expenses. The language issue will not be a problem - they all study languages down there.


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