Expats in Esbjerg?

I would like to meetup with other fellow expats in Esbjerg, but I have not found so many but I know you are out there. :)

We can meetup for drinks, sports etc and form our own Esbjerg International Group!


Yeah,unfortunally it's not a lot here in Esbjerg!
I have moved to Denmark not so long time ago and I whould also like to meet some nice people here)

Glad to meet you SunnySky105 :)


Julia, i am ukrainian as well, can we speak about the live in Esbjerg a bit? I might work in Esbjerg soon:). Thanks and regards, Andriy Bilogan

Hi all,

I'm Danish but have been living abroad for 12 years. I'm moving to Esbjerg 1 November for a very exciting new job. I guess I'll become an ex-expat then, but I'd love to meet with expats in Esbjerg - although Denmark is my home country I'll still be starting over from scratch in a new city. And I like meeting people from all over the world. When I moved to the US I started a Meetup group for people in my neighborhood and met tons of new people that way. I noticed there are no Meetup groups for Esbjerg, so I'll probably start one - Esbjerg Internationals or something like that. Keep an eye out for it!


Sounds great Ole.

I look forward to meeting you when you arrive in Esbjerg!


Me too Ryan! In the meantime, check out Esbjerg Internationals on Meetup.com

hi! my name is maja,i am first time here in esbjerg, and i like it here......i hope to meet some new friends here....

In esbjerg from Kenya

I'm not living in Esbjerg but I'm nearby in Vejen Kommune. There's really not many expats here either, it seems.

Hi everyone,
I'll be visiting my cousin in Esberj next month,
Do you guys know some others expat communities?
I hope to meet new people there
Thanks !

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