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I am moving to Kanglung Bhutan to work at Sherubtse College in October. I would like some information on Bhutan before I arrive and hope you all will be kind enough to assist me. Upon arrival, I will need telephone and Internet service for my iPhone. Is there service available for smartphones and how might I get service quickly? Can I contact a company now from here in Thailand (I currently live in Thailand)? I also have a Mac computer - are there support shops that work with/sell Apple products? What is the weather like and what type of clothing should I bring? How is the food? I am mostly vegetarian - is vegetarian food available? As an ex-patriot, will I feel a part of Bhutan society or will I be reminded that I am only a visitor and not to be part of Bhutanese society? What are some things I will like about Bhutan? I hope I have not overwhelmed you with my questions and that I hear from you soon. Thank you.

Hi mejones,

welcome to! :)

Best of luck,

Hi Mejones,

I see that you wrote your message quite a few months ago, to no avail.  I was just wondering if you have since moved to Bhutan and what your experience has been.

I am an artist and I would like to come to Bhutan to paint for 6 months, maybe longer and I am not yet sure it is even possible to do that. I also have found very little information regarding private accomodations.  I am thinking a small flat would be best.

Just thought you may have some information that could help me decide Bhutan or somewhere else.

Thank you and best wishes,


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