Living in Bhutan

You are living in Bhutan, or you used to live in Bhutan.

Share your experience!

How would you describe life in Bhutan?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find an accommodation and a job?

Is it complicated to make friends in Bhutan?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Bhutan?

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I don,t have a clue,am just starting to research my possible relocation to bhutan.I have been told that I must have an invitation to come to Bhutan with the intention of living there, is this true and if so how do I patition for such an invitation?What is the cost of living, rate of exchange (ball park)can I subsist on approx 2000.USD per mo.? What kind of housing can I afford,in what sort of area(would like to live among other artists but it is not an issue). I compose music,am intence,focused on my work,reclusive,meditative,gentle,mind my own business,and did I mention reclusive!Thanks to anyone answering my questions

Hello, I am also extremely interested in relocating to Bhutan, however, I would like to live outside of the city as the rural Bhutanese do. I will continue to search for information regarding this issue. If you have any information on what steps to take (or if this would even be possible) please let me know and I will do the same.
Thank you.
Andy H.

i got offer too to work there!!
iam seeking for information...the place sound a little bit unknown for me..i have no idea at all about it...

Iwood like live in Bhutan, is it posible?

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