Buying land for prefabricated home


Is anyone familiar with buying land and a prefabricated home? Interested in Crete, Stalis area and wondered what the process is and the costs involved?



@Lena_T Good evening and happy holidays to you.

Regarding your question: it all depends on what you want to buy...

Buy land and build:

• the cost of the plot varies by location, square meters and the private sector.

• building construction's a completely different task, here you need to focus on the "turnkey cost per square meter"!!

How long will this take you:

purchase of a plot and preparation of all legal documentation, project development and technical documentation, issuance of building permits, etc. I can safely say at least 10-12 months for everything about everything.


Hi Eugene,

Thank you for your reply.

The property would be snall, 1 or 2 bedrooms ground floor only.

Location wise it would be around Stalis.

How much would this cost and do you have to be a registered citizen?

Thanks again.

@Lena_T hello again,

1or 2 bedroom ground floor in my experience it will be 65 or 80 square meters!

For the construction of such a turnkey property (composite construction and conventional construction), the approximate cost will be from €1850 to €1950 per square meter.

Plus the cost for plot!

As far as I know, you don't have to be a registered citizen to buy real estate. But....laws change all the time, I advise you to contact a law firm that deals with such issues (preferably Greek).