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Moving to Timor-Leste

When it comes to moving large volumes or covering long distances, in the Timor-Leste it is recommended to leave it up to the expertise of professional movers who will take charge of the removal process.

Some tips to prepare your move:

Start your moving preparation 3 months in advance

You may have to obtain visas, work permits, vaccination, or cancel services which require a notice period. Make a list of all you need to do. Being well-organized will help the move go more smoothly.

Sort through your belongings

Choose which goods you would like to bring along to the Timor-Leste and which ones you prefer to leave behind either with a friend or in a storage unit. Seek advice: it might cost less to buy goods in the Timor-Leste instead of bringing over your belongings.

Choose the right moving company

Finding a good moving company is essential to any expatriation project. Independent regulatory bodies like FIDI will help you find reliable moving companies. Internal quality processes, specialized packing materials and a large network will guarantee high standard of quality and service.

Prevent the risk of breakage

Since zero risk does not exist, material damage insurance is highly recommended.

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