Leisure activities in Zurich for solo expats, couples or friends

Things to do in Zurich alone, with your partner or with friends
Updated 2019-08-19 08:19

Located in northern Switzerland, Zurich is the most populated city in the country. Perhaps due to the number and mix of people, Zurich offers a very young, fun and diverse lifestyle that few other Swiss and European cities can beat.

Things to do alone in Zurich

A beautiful day alone is not to be wasted! If you fancy a bit of quality 'me time' quietly, why not go to one of the many cosy cafés in the city for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake? While Café Henrici in the old town may be crowded due to its popularity, Café Schober not so far away, which has a cute little garden in the inner yard, may just be the right place for you. On the contrary, if you feel like being active, go out and breathe some fresh air! There are many places in the city for a good jog. An obvious choice would be the 3-km jogging route along the lake basin, which leads you through a lot of touristic spots of Zurich.

Things to do with friends in Zurich

Zurich is a fantastic place for going out with friends, as there is an unlimited supply of things to do and places to go. Zurich West is a very trendy and cool district that offers lovely places to go day and night for your different needs. At Frau Gerolds Garten, you will find charming shops during the day, and an open-air Biergarten with great vibes during the evenings. In winter, you could even have cheese fondue in a warm tent there. Another great place to go with friends during summer is one of the many "Badis" in Zurich. These are basically outdoor swimming pools in the Zurich Lake. A lot of them turn into great poolside bars in the evenings. Some popular ones include Seebad Enge, Frauenbad (only admit females, as its name suggests), and Rimini.

Things to do with your family in Zurich

As much as it is a city for professionals, Zurich is also a great city for families. To begin with, Zurich prides itself with its zoo. Visitors can see a diversity of wild animals, and also, king penguins parading around the zoo during the winter season. Apart from this, Uetliberg - Zurich's own little mountain offers not only amazing panoramic scenery, walking and hiking trails but also outdoor children playgrounds in nature. In winter, when the hills are all covered with snow, it is also a trendy destination for families to go sledging for free.

Things to do with your partner in Zurich

If you are looking for date ideas with your partner, Zurich won't fail you either. Apart from a vast selection of high-quality restaurants in the city for a romantic meal, you may also go to the Mühlesteg Bridge and lock your love with a padlock, just like people do in Paris. The Zurich Opera House has different programmes, opera, ballet and concerts for a classy date. Following a full day of well-thought programme, you could take time to chill and talk, while sipping a cocktail at one of Zurich's rooftop terraces.

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