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Your issues

Your issue

You run your own business - Start-Up, VSE, Self-employed - and you need to:
  • develop an entrepreneurial growth mindset to achieve the business objectives you set for yourself
  • take a step back to find new solutions that will drive growth in your business
You are a professional in your field and need to:
  • take stock of your career and consider new possibilities
  • make sure that the new position you're considering is the right one for you
You are in a situation of international mobility, managing a multicultural team, and you need to:
  • find keys to understanding and taking action to better navigate your intercultural reality
  • develop your ability to adapt and act effectively in the face of intercultural management challenges
Our Solutions

Our Solution - Professional Coaching 3.0

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

Then Professional Coaching 3.0 is made for you! It's a development and outreach tool for all those who consciously want to be the actors of their own evolution.

Allowing you to move from point A (starting point) to point B (goal), Professional Coaching is a progressive, concrete and iterative process, based on your present and looking to your future. In alliance with your coach, you will experience a process of reflection and creativity, revealing your potential through action.

Professional Coaching benefits you

  • It sheds a new light on the situations you are experiencing, on your ways of thinking and sometimes limiting behaviors, acting as a lever of motivation, energy and action.
  • It provides you with a framework for reflection with a coach showing respect, openness, authenticity and benevolence aiming for your success.
  • It places you in a positive dynamic, generating new possibilities.
Our products and tools

Our Products & Tools

For all our coaching sessions

An ethical framework defined according to the highest standards (ICF) and a privileged relationship between you and your coach

  • Rules established at the outset with a coaching contract and a clear objective
  • Strictly confidential coaching sessions
  • An emotionally safe and supporting environment enabling you to express yourself freely: mutual respect and trust, an open, curious and flexible mindset, focused on you
  • The use of communication techniques specific to coaching


At any stage in your company's life cycle

10 hours Coaching Pack, with regularly scheduled online sessions of 1h to 1h30, in French or English, over a period of 3 - 6 months.

Specific tools tailored to entrepreneurs' needs

Expatriation & Intercultural Management

During your international mobility

8 hours Coaching Pack, with online sessions of 1h to 1h30, in French or English, regularly scheduled in line with the expatriation process (maximum duration 6 months).

Specific tools for international mobility


When you're wondering about your next career step

12 hours Coaching Pack, with regularly scheduled online sessions of 1 to 2h, in French or English, over a period of 3 - 6 months.

Specific tools for career management

Your issues

Our E-Coaching Platform 3.0: The best of 2 worlds, Coaching and Training

  • In addition to the coaching sessions, a platform based secure space dedicated to you, with online resources that can be used at any time, regardless of time or place, during and between the sessions.
  • Dedicated online space covering all the themes of career management, business management, leadership, team management, communication and well-being at the workplace.

Our credentials


Business start-ups

Entrepreneurs in their venture's start-up phase - Business Model, building an offer - France, Spain, Morocco, Mali.

Business structuring & Team management

General Manager in business consolidation phase - Management, Communication, Delegation. Hyper-growth start-up - Morocco.

Business' Sale

Two Managing Partners in the process of selling their company : setting up strategic and operational roadmap - France.

Expatriation & Intercultural Management

Support for expatriates during their expatriation departure, arrival, closure. Major international groups - Morocco, Turkey, South Africa.

Multi-cultural team management

Senior Leadership Team exploring a new dynamic, in a context of multiculturalism (diversity of nationalities, professions, generations). Major international Leader in its sector - Turkey


Professional Transitions & Repositioning
  • Expatriates' spouses after a period of professional inactivity. Morocco, Turkey
  • Manager aiming for a senior management position - NGO - USA/Kenya
Your issues

Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani - Founder and Director, International Professional Coach

A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Strasbourg and the MS SMIB at ESSEC, Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani has been a multi-expatriate and serial entrepreneur for 20 years. With over a dozen international certifications, accreditations and awards in the field of professional coaching, she supports entrepreneurs, employees and expatriates who wish to consciously take the lead in their own development.


[email protected]

ICF Label E Coaching Expat Pro Brainz 500 Global Gamechangers 2022

Our team

Our team of Certified Professional Coaches, members of the International Coaching Federation, based on 3 continents, constitutes a powerful network of diversity, flexibility and synergies.

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