Current Island off grid semi private island project on generation property

$ 20,000 / Negotiable
Posted 6 months ago

We are looking for private investors.  With the world's concern with contagious viruses and other threats, we hope to build one today's trends in isolation tourism and/or private Airbnb cabins with the added bonus of fresh fruits and vegetables grown here on my property, which would also be an added attraction for guests looking for authentic fresh foods and a clean unobstructed environment.  There are many trails and caves for exploration. The island would also be suitable for University students who study marine science, birds, bees, insects and medicinal plants, land and water purification systems and off grid systems.  Universities could use our island as a lab or study environment or A private escape for writers and celebrities who want private and secluded vacation opportunities or secluded recording studio opportunities. It would also be a great spot for private weddings, honeymoons and family getaways and private camping excursions. More info available upon request. 

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$ 20,000 / Negotiable

Please contact Janet Sweeting


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