Get to gether area in Riyadh

Hello Friends,

My uncle is looking for a place for get to gather. Someone recommended BlueFlame and we visited and its gud but its fully booked.

I am looking at this coming Thursday or next of it. What i am looking is the istaraha with catering service. mean all in one box.

Blueflame is offering 6 dishes + instraha + catering but again the problem is booking. do you know any other place like blueflame which is offering this service and will charge us only per person.

Your prompt action is highly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Marhaba have a banqueting hall.

The banqueting hall is at different location to the restaurant. Just off Olya. They also do catering.

Alternatively you can book an istaraha (there are some in thummah and khurais road) and you can get catering done by outside caterers eg for Pakistani/Indian cuisine Red Onion does outside catering charging per person, they have set menus.

Hope this helps

hmmm  i only know this blueflame....they r good ..I have arranged around 20 events there...i guess u should try for nxt week at same place :)

naazg you can go renting out an isteraha separately .. then getting some outside catering . from marhaba or sumplace...

btw.. do we get an invite :D

how much did they charge for one day??

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