Salary & Education in Portugal

Hello everyone,

I have got a job offer from Portugal with the gross salary of EUR 50000 per year. A 12% of this income will be paid over and above the EUR 50000 (as a variable pay).  Below are my queries.

1. According to my calculations, assuming that there are 14 salaries in Portugal, the per month net salary will be around EUR 1500 - 2000 (assuming 45% income tax). Is this correct?

2. We are a family of 3 (Husband + Wife + 4-yr old kid). We don't eat out much and don't party much. One vacation of 20 days per year, local zoo, museum visits will happen. We have pure vegetarian diet (no meat, no sea food, no eggs, no alcohol). We don't own a car and will rent the house in Lisbon. So the expenses tend to be on the lower side. With these inputs, will it be enough to survive with EUR 1500 - 2000 and manage some savings?

3. In this salary, will I be able to admit my kid to international school?

4. Are there any good private English schools? (Fees less than international schools but education somewhat comparable).

Thanks in advance and appreciate your time.


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