Retired Military moving to Puerto Rico

I am retired from the military and my wife and I plan to move to the west side of Puerto Rico in several years. We are both from Cabo Rojo, so we are familiar with the west and are flexible where we would retire. Being retired military we have questions / concerns that would require someone that is retired military or has assisted military personnel in the past to share their expertise.

If there is anyone out there will to provide some advice please let me know.  Carlos

If you want to, you can join our sister site in facebook, group "Expats In Puerto Rico". You may find answers there also.

Hello, I have lived here almost 12 years now, VA care is excellent, although some specialist may take time. What is it you need to know? PM me, and we can share contact info.

Cabo Rojo homes seem to be Cheap! I'm trying to stay near Rincon, because of my church, but Cabo Rojo is VERY attractive! clasificadosonline (dot) com.

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