New members of the South Korea forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the South Korea forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in South Korea if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Am currently unemployed in Ghana and am already in south korea but has no idea how to start. i think i need some information as to how to go abouy this.

Hi! My name is Fiona, I'm a french girl curently living in South Korea (Daegu). I came here as an exchange student for two semesters (I arrived last august). I study IT and video game development in Keimyung University :). I would love to meet more people around here, and improve my korean! Nice to meet you :)

It's nice to be here
I'm Noaa living in Daejeon new to Korea
it would be nice to have new friends here

Hello, i'm Michael.
I am also new here in South Korea (ulsan, Busan). I arrived this week and i would love to meet and make new friends.

hi all,
i am thomas, born in korea, moved to germany when i was 6, come back to korea 2 years ago. i am located in Ansan. I speak fluently korean and german. If anyone need support in Ansan, feel free to let me know.
Too all welcome to korea, enjoy your time.

Hello, good day.

I'm Evelyn, currently living in Incheon.
Work in software company and currently look for a Linux Developer.

Anyone interested please check the jobs section.
Any nationalities are welcomed to apply.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Hi All,

I am looking to move to Seoul (or one of its many suburbian Cities) in September 2018 together with my Korean wife. We want to spend a couple of years in her home country. We currently live in Dublin, Ireland and I just wanted to put out the feelers to get some other expat insights around, rent (or Joense), job search (preferably in my field as IT consultant) and studying Korean.
I am still very bad at Korean, despite two beginners courses, duolingo and some very basic converastions with my wife. It just doesn't stick in my head. :-/
How are you picking up Korean, how long did it take you?
It'd be great to see what experiences other people had...



Hey everyone!

I use to live in Incheon as an elementary school teacher. I'm no longer in Korea but I loved it and miss it so much. I also still keep in contact with my Korean friends, still study the language and still keep up with the news there.  Oh and I was in Seoul all of the time and it remains one of my favorite cities. I'm moving to Paris this year but Korea still has a piece of my heart!

Thanks for the motivational speech :-) Looking forward to my adventure now too!

Hi everyone! I'm Maria, I am Honduran and am looking into moving to Korea at the end of the year. If anyone has tips on how to apply for English speaking or Spanish speaking only jobs I would appreciate it. I currently work in Public Relations in Honduras but my boyfriend recently got a job in South Korea and I would be willing to move there for the duration of his contract. If anyone has tips I'm all ears! :)

Hello, I am new to this site. My name is Sergio, I'm from Peru, 29 years old. I have lived in South Korea for a few years, currently living in Seoul, I'm a professional tennis player and coach. I am married to a korean. My wife and me, both speak English and Korean apart from other languages. It would be nice making new friends and being helpful to other foreigners living in Korea. We live in Geumho Dong - Seoul

Hi all I'm Esther who live in korea 3 year.and I want to know how to making visa to Japan with Indonesian passport. Thsnks

Hi, Sergio. Nice to meet you here. I am Korean and looking for many foreign friends to hang around. I am interested in Tennis and Travel. If you need a friend, please feel free to reply me.

Hi all!

My name is Sterling, I'm currently in Austin, TX, but will be moving to Korea in 5-6 months and am looking for a teaching job in a Korean university! (any advice, recommendations, etc. would be super awesome!)

My fiancee lives in Changwon in South East Korea, so that's where I'll be living!

If anyone wants to meet up, network, or just talk about general stuff about Korea, Korean culture, etc., let me know! :D

- Sterling

Hey everyone! My name is Saif and Am from Morocco. I'm currently unemployed and have a science physis baccalaureate in my possesion. I would love to travel to south korea and continue my studies there but i don't know where to start, I would appreciate the slightest help or information possible, if anyone can relate to my situation, i would love to hear about his experience, Thanks.

Hi Friends,

I am basically from India, Looking for Resource Persons from Seoul who would like to work as consultants with me for my Boarding School students admission.

Hello good day,
New by here,i looking for a employer to invite me work in xperience are:
Factory worker
Bank Security Guad

Thank you

Hi all,

I have accepted a new job which will be located in Busan, Korea. I'll be there early July.  Any advise on where I can find a decent apartment would be helpful.

It's quite normal to find house through consulting brokers. They are in general having
or sharing each other the information on the houses appeared on the market with different size, location, rental prices, and so on. I'd like to recommend you to contact several brokers in local for comparison.

i am Essraa magdi from Egypt

Nationality          : Egyptian.

About Personal:

I am a young actress and  hip hop dancer.  I have experience in directing and choreographing in theatre and schools for hip hop  dance with children and adult  . I started dance at an early age as a pop dancer. I joined the theatre team of the Faculty of agriculture  at Cairo University.
I dance contemporary dance since 2013. In2018 I graduated from faculty of agricultural Cairo university (animal production fish and shell fish)

For me, dance is a visionary form of expression and communication, not just movement and I try to find ways that help to develop my own approach.

Languages Spoken:
Arabic : first languages.
English : second languages.


Hello everyone,

I'm Begum. An English teacher living in Turkey. I'm 24 years old. I have graduated 2 years ago and have been a teacher for some semesters in a language school.
I'm interested in Korea and its culture. My interest started with Korean dramas, and later on I studied Korean in TOMER (TÖMER).
I want to work in South Korea as an English teacher. But I'm not exactly sure if I can apply to the job offers on sites. I hear that there are programs I can apply for exchange teachers here in Turkey but I don't want to leave such a subject to possiblities or luck.

I would appreciate the help, and thanks for reading. Have a nice day ^^

Languages:  Turkish (native)
                      English (fluent)
                      Korean (lower intermediate)

Hi everyone,

I am from The Netherlands and I live in Seoul for little over a year now. I share a rooftop home with my Korean Girlfriend.

I fell in love with Korea 5 years ago when I studied Korean at the Sungkyunkwan university. Ever since I wanted to come back to Korea to make a living. Now I teach English at several academies and I started my own YouTube channel (SexyGreen - for those who are interested).

I want to share my experiences with the rest of the world and show how a Dutchi mixes in with the Koreans.

I would love to read more about other people's experiences while living here, both the good and bad things.

I am ready to connect!


Hello everyone !
I'm Mégane a french expat living in Korea from 1 and half year. Married with a Korean man. I am looking for a job near Seoul / Ilsan and i also hope to meet new people :)

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